ICARUS Russia Scientific Kick-off

IMAGE_283WIN_20141121_084350IMAGE_268WIN_20141121_151333IMAGE_294 Currently attending the ICARUS Russia Scientific Kick-off meeting at the Russian Academy of Sciencies in Moscow, where Russian scientists present the various projects selected to run using ICARUS in the ICARUS Russia contest. Kasper is member of the ICARUS Executive Board that evaluated the projects.

ICARUS launch is scheduled for early 2016. The system should be operational shortly after, starting with a 5-g GPS tag which hopefully will be decreasing in size considerably.

Among the exciting projects were studies on tiger prey movements (boars), wader migration routes and orientation, saiga antelope movement, navigation in songbirds and disease spread by gerbils,

A few comments/ideas: (a) at Rybachy they catch 10-20 common cuckoos of which more than half are juveniles, (b) White’s thrush is the largest long-distance migrating songbird.

IMAGE_298 IMAGE_292 IMG_6258


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